Sunday, May 10, 2009

Importance of Travel Insurance

I personally believe in insurance for short and long trips especially in light if you're traveling by air or on a cruise. Time and time again, I've seen people who have a medical emergency, a family member dies, or for some reason the boss cancels the employees vacation.

The following is from a website which gives one permission to post reasons to purchase. If you don't have the resource to purchase insurance, we can certainly assist you.

Most people don't hesitate to insure their life, their car or home. But what about the trip they've planned and purchased? They may have budgeted for it or tapped savings to pay for it, so shouldn't they spend a little extra to protect their travel investment? Or, what if someone suddenly needs medical care while traveling outside the country—will a primary health plan cover it? Travel Insurance Services, specializing in travel-related plans for over thirty years, offers these tips.

While there are many reasons someone may need travel insurance, here are ten situations when you'll be glad you have it:

10. You or your family member gets sick or has an accident before you leave. It doesn't have to be life-threatening—something like a broken leg can keep you from enjoying your vacation.

9. You need a medical evacuation from a foreign country. Serious accidents can happen—even to the non-adventure traveler (examples—a car accident, a fall). The combined cost of local ambulance and an international medical evacuation can be substantial—and your health plan from home may not cover the expense..

8. You have Medicare coverage and you're traveling abroad. Medicare won't cover you if you're traveling outside the United States, including close trips to Canada or Mexico. Unfortunately, many people with Medicare take trips without travel medical insurance—and it can cost them big bucks.

7. You arrive at your destination, but your bags don't. With today's tight security, more people than ever are checking luggage. If your bags are misdirected, you can be left with only the clothes on your back. Travel insurance can help cover the costs of buying clothing and other necessities until your bags are returned.

6. A delay by your carrier has you stuck in a city where you didn't plan to stay overnight. Avoid getting stuck with this hotel cost.

5. The airline, tour operator or cruise line you've booked a trip with goes bankrupt, and stops providing service. If it happens and you don't have travel insurance, you could be out the portion of your trip that is booked with the bankrupt carrier, or worse—stuck somewhere without assistance to get back home.

4. You're planning to live in another country—even for a short period of time. Perhaps you're in college and you need student travel insurance for studies abroad. Or, you have a job opportunity or vacation home that that takes you out of the country for a few months. If you wouldn't live in the States without medical coverage, certainly don't risk it when you're overseas. Look for a plan with 24-hour assistance, to help you get past the language barrier and help you find a physician.

3. You have family or friends visiting from outside the United States. Anytime they plan to visit you, they most likely need coverage to protect them from the high cost of U.S. health care during their stay.

2. You need to cancel a trip due to a death in the immediate family. The cost of a trip may be insignificant in the event of an immediate family member's passing. But, by insuring your trip, you can avoid experiencing this extra stress or disappointment in an already emotional situation.

And the number one reason you'll be glad you have travel insurance...

1. Any reason. If you buy a trip cancellation plan with a Cancel for Any Reason option, any reason for canceling a trip can be covered. A new hurricane heading toward your destination, an important business meeting or a child's unexpected school function are all valid reasons. Planning ahead (you must purchase this plan early to qualify) allows you to recoup 75% of your pre-paid trip costs.

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